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Are your requests not being fulfilled?

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Are your requests not being fulfilled?

Unread postby david1 » Wed May 09, 2012 4:53 pm

First of all, you need to note that requests take some time (~1-7 days) to be completed. On top of that, most of the members here have work in their que. If you would like quick work done, we suggest trying the chat room and looking for members to trade works with. (You cum on the picture of their choice, they cum on your picture of choice.)

Suggestions :

Post more pictures(BUT NOT ALL AT ONCE!):
Chances are the pictures you've posted haven't met the fakers/cummers requirements. If you continue to keep posting more pictures, the possibility of posting a picture that will entice the fakers/cummers is much greater.

A very important suggestion is to not post all of the girl's photos at once. Post some photos of her every day, or every few days. It will keep the interest in the topic up by adding new photos over time, thus the topic will gain followers. :mrgreen:

How to: Post pictures to the forum: viewtopic.php?f=12&t=47865

If adding more pictures isn't working:

Try trading cum tributes/fakes with other members. There are tons of members on here would be happily to trade cum/cock/fake picture(s) in return for them. Posting in the General Forum or in the Chat Room are both great places to find members to trade with! (You cum on/fake/cock their girl, They cum on/fake/cock your girl) :) If you cant do cocked photos or cummed photos, try doing fakes or captions!

If you have nudes (18+ only):
Post censored nudes and offer the uncensored ones in return(via PM) for cum tributes and/or fakes.

:D Remember everyone appreciates the pictures and enjoy jerking their dicks to your girls pics and their dick hardening actions
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