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Cum swallow FB teen

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Cum swallow FB teen

Unread postby barrywhite » Sun Dec 11, 2011 3:57 am

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I have a story about the brunette girl in the last pic, with the chocolate in her mouth

My mate was out on his birthday drinks in the local pub last night and ran into (the brunette girl in the last pic, with the chocolate in her mouth) - Let's just say she was quite merry! (OK. she was well drunk!!)

Apparently, during drunken conversation, she kept going on about her boyfriend and that she often wanted to give him oral but he wasn't up for it.

Talk about a red rag to a bull, my mate gave it the big one all night and managed to get back to her place with her FLATMATE in tow!

In the cab on the way back, my mate said he had the pair of them either side, cupped boob in each hand, and then the brunette said, "Would you mind if I suck you off when we get back...". Her mate flicked a knowing look at her and they both smiled. Her friend said, "Yep, I wouldn't mind a quick suck on him too!! He thought, I have to be dreaming now...

When they got back, this brunette just girl took him and her flatmate into her bedroom, skipped off her top and skirt, jumped on the bed, lay on her back and gave started giving him a blowjob.

After about 20 mins of sucking, she said, "I really want you to give me a facial". "Cum on my face, and tongue and lips... then let me swallow your cum!!".

That was it for him, he said, "When that beautiful young girl, (lying flat beneath me with pert breasts popped out of her bra, white cotton panties pulled to just under her delicious fur landing strip) said she wanted my cum in her mouth, I couldn't hold back.

Her mate was still in the room!! She had her knickers down and was fingering herself off while her flatmate sucked on my throbbing cock.

As the teen brunette sucked hard on my bell end and deep throated my shaft, he started to feel like he was about to cum.

As he panted louder, her flatemate sat up, stopped fingering her pussy, got the camera out and shone it on her flatmace's face. She beckoned to him;
"Come on, give her a huge cum facial!! She hasn't had one for ages and she loves the taste to cum! As do I! x"

"That was it", for my mate, he said, he just blurted all over her open mouth and waiting tongue as she lay on her back. This hot teen brunette just purred and writhed her legs with excitement as he continued to pump ropes and ropes of hot cum into her gaping mouth and splash licks of cum over her eyebrows, over her nose, across her cheeks, along her sweet lips, into her eyes and deep even into her braces which he hadn't even realised she wore until this moment!

She fluttered her cum-splattered eyelashes as she looked up at him and began to slowly open her teenage, cum-smothered pink lips.

As, she did, she blew this cum bubble and giggled as her flatmate (who still had the camera in hand) took this awesome shot of me unloading on her friends pretty teen face. After a while, she sucked the cum-bubble back in, the brunette opened her cum-soaked mouth wide and rolled her cute tongue all round her mouth and lips. She licked all the loose cum into her mouth and gathered it on her beautiful pink teen tongue. Once she had got all his cum she could reach with her tongue into her mouth, she looked him deep in the eyes and mouthed, "Can I swallow you, please?". He said, "Yep!!" and she gulped down the huge load of cum that he had been saving up for at least 2 weeks and was rather clumpy!!

"Woah!", she exclaimed and her eyes began to water. "That was a huge load of cum! I haven't ever swallowed that much from one boy before!".

So she had swallowed more than that in one GO before?? Wow, sounds very interesting but he didn't pursue it...

"Wow, I can feel it all down my throat!!". She spluttered for air and he noticed her braces again. She seemed to have perfect teeth but for some reason they were covered in metal train-tracks. He thought they looks fucking sexy though and as she smiled up at him and spluttered after swallowing his clumpy load. He then noticed that as she smiled that her braces were still soaked with his cum and had become lodged into the metal bits. She must have dragged his cum through her teeth as she swallowed it and now it was entrenched in her braces. She didn't mind however and kept giggling to her flatmate about how good my mate's cum tasted and that she was glad it was stuck in her braces as she could taste him and enjoyed it! She said that she would have to make sure she doesn't smile at Dad till she gets to her toothbrush!

His cock finally stopped throbbing and came down to rest gently on her chin. She flicked at it with her tongue and said to her mate, "Do you mind if my friend has 'a go' too?". He said, "Nope!", and her flatmate popped the camera down and leaned over her friends cum-splattered face and chest. She stuck out a long tongue and lapped the rope of cum stuck in her eyebrow. The cum stuck on her tongue like honey and she swallowed it down with an "Mmmm".

The sexy teen flatmate carried on and licked a rope of cum from the bridge of her nose that flicked off and landed on the brunette's cheek. The flatmate sucked that up and then addressed the streams of cum that licked over her chin and down her sweet white neck.
Once she had gathered all she could, she looked up at my mate and said,"May I swallow?" and he said, "Yep!!".

So, basically, my mate went out and got an awesome blowjob, facial AND cumswallow from TWO sexy arse teens that also let him photo the cumshaw.

Lucky bastard!
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Re: Cum swallow FB teen

Unread postby repodude » Wed Dec 28, 2011 1:31 pm

tl;dr chick is hot as fuck
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Re: Cum swallow FB teen

Unread postby barrywhite » Thu Dec 29, 2011 3:48 am

imagine her savouring your cum in her mouth with this expression...
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Re: Cum swallow FB teen

Unread postby bambood » Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:12 pm

do u have more with cum? ;)

fuckin slut!
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Re: Cum swallow FB teen

Unread postby liketolook » Thu Jan 12, 2012 4:52 pm

great story

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